Monday, October 1, 2012

Taylors Go To Missouri

When I started my Genealogy research some 30 years ago, I did not have much to go on. I started working on our Family History shortly after my father passed away in 1988.
From one of my uncles I got a listing of all of my Dad’s siblings and their parents. Since my Grandfather’s name is the same as his Grandfather, our progenitor John Henry Taylor, I spent some time running in circles trying to get things figured out. After a little while I was able to separate the two John Henry’s and get started on the rest of our Family History. I really know very little about my Grandfather and have not been able to gather a lot of details.
This is all I have been able to find:
My grandfather, John Henry Taylor was born in Winston County on Febrary 1, 1886. He married Lydia Ann King on January 20, 1907 in Winston County. They had a total of 13 children--12 of them lived past childbirth.
John Henry Taylor, the second son of William Carroll Taylor, left Winston County with his father, William Carroll, and siblings to farm/sharecrop in Tennessee around 1919. Before they moved to Tennessee, John Henry and Lydia had 5 children: William Olis, Carl Lee, Olin Birtis, Ettis Vera and Lois Pauline.  They were all born in Winston county. James, Nola Virginia, and William Henry were born after the family moved to Tennessee. Around 1923 they moved back to Morgan County, Alabama where Earl Washington was born. Sometime between 1924 and 1927 they moved back to Lawrence County, Tennessee. where Willa Mae was born in 1927.
By 1930 the family had moved to New Madrid, Missouri to continue sharecropping/farming. Their youngest two sons, J.C. Taylor and Edward Ray, were born in New Madrid.
John Henry died December 1, 1932 from influenza.
Written by John Taylor,
Grandson of John Henry Taylor 1886-1932
Both John Henry and Lydia Ann King Taylor are buried in Evergreen Cemetery, New Madrid, Missouri. 

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