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Our Father--Hubert Atticus Taylor

Hubert Atticus and
Hubert Atticus Taylor was the second to last child of Alonzo Grant and Margaret Stevens Taylor. He was a 1936 graduate of Winston County High School at the age of 22. Interesting enough, the reason for the older age to graduate was the fact that when he finished 8th grade, there was no local high school and his father could not afford to send him and board him for the only high school. Therefore, he worked until a couple of years later when a school was built close by and he and his younger brother, Thurlo, attended high school together.

Before Hubert enlisted in the ordnance department of the army, November 1942, he worked for Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in Birmingham, Alabama.

Hubert Atticus Taylor, Army
serving in Fiji Islands 
While in the army, Hubert served in the Fiji Islands where he contracted malaria and was honorably discharged for medical reasons in 1945. He then returned to Firestone where he worked until heart disease forced him to retire in the mid sixties. While still at the downtown firestone store, Hubert would take his kids to play amongst the tires on Sundays when the store was closed. He also bowled in the Firestone of the Eastwood Industrial Men’s league.

He met his wife Marguerite Enright through a friend in 1952… they married June 6, 1953… together Hubert and Marge had 3 children… John Grant (named for both of his grandfathers) Monica Ann (Marge always said if she had a girl, she would name her this) and Mary Lucinda (named for Marge’s sister and Hubert’s sister). Hubert was the first of the Taylor children to pass away at the age of 60.
Left to Right: Mary Lucinda, John Grant and Monica Ann Taylor
Hubert was a jokester, as were his brothers and sisters and loved a good laugh! His favorite thing to do was to visit family and friends! He loved his wife and children and attended Southside Baptist Church in Birmingham. He was also active in his kid’s lives, driving them to jobs, dance and sporting events. He even served as PTA president one year!! Hubert loved to fish and enjoyed a home on Lake Logan Martin until his death in 1974.
Poem composed by Hubert and sent
to his wife during war
Note:  "Bula" (pronounced boolah) is the Fijian word for hello. It is as significant for Fiji as "aloha" is to Hawaii.

This poem, typed as seen above by Hubert, is in the possession of Hubert's daughter, Monica, still in the envelope addressed to her mom.

Our Father-Hubert Atticus Taylor Written by Daughter, Monica Ann Taylor Wesson & Siblings

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